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Want to evolve your life and your law practice? You're in the right place.

I'm Dina, and I help lawyers build the life and practice they want.

Live life on your terms.

Feel like your life is out of your control?

You're not alone. I used to feel that way, and I hear this all the time from other lawyers.

Law school doesn't teach us how to take control of our lives. It teaches us to work and keep working.

Don't look up. You might fall behind!

That translates to late nights trying to impress partners, overwhelmed days where there's so much work you don't know where to start, and an underlying feeling of anxiety all...the...time.

It's a ball-and-chain you weren't counting on when you went to law school.

The more you work to get ahead, the more weighed down you feel.

You've done what you were told was the "right" way to work.

Unfortunately, it's an outdated paradigm meant for factory workers keeping lawyers stuck on a hamster wheel.

It's not meant for powerhouses who want to expand what's possible for them.

Break unproductive habits burning you out.

There's a reason over half of all lawyers (and 67% of female lawyers) say they're stressed out.

The legal profession doesn't take into account that lawyers are humans. Or that humans need more than work to sustain them.

The system is broken, and it's up to us to evolve ourselves.

I help ambitious lawyers like you break old patterns and create better -- more productive -- habits. These habits help super-charge success without burning you out.

Get the skills to hit big goals and ditch the overwhelm.

Our brain is the ultimate tool. And the least understood by the majority of people.

No one teaches us how it works and how to use it powerfully.

Yeah, we learn to memorize and regurgitate.

We even learn to problem-solve for client work.

What no one teaches us is how to focus our brain in a way that reduces stress and makes us more productive at the same time.

In a way that where we feel more in control.

You may notice that you work faster when you're under deadlines.

A lot of lawyers tell me that they "need" that burst of adrenaline to get things done.

That "need" is an addiction -- just like addicts have a need for heroin -- that doesn't serve your long-term goals.

Using adrenaline to fuel your work is like using vinegar to fuel a car.

The quality of your fuel determines the quality of your performance.

If you notice yourself exhausted when you get home and too brain dead on week-ends to follow through on plans, you're likely using adrenaline as fuel.

Our brains have neuroplasticity -- it's adaptive -- which means we CAN change our brain-based habits. We have the ability to change anything we want.

If you're used to using deadlines to get things done, then it's going to keep doing it until you create a new neuropathway in your brain that becomes dominant.

A neuropathway is like the street you take to the grocery store.

You go the same way every time, and you probably don't even have to think about it. You just arrive without remembering what you saw on the drive there.

It's a habit.

Now imagine you want to take a different route to the grocery store.

You have to think about it. It takes more energy. You may default to the old route on accident.

Your brain is in the business of conserving energy for survival, so it likes to take the path of least resistance. It likes the most-used route.

One of the things we do together is create new neuropathways overriding the old habit brain that will get you to your destination easier and faster.

These aren't skills taught in law school, my friend.

Law school and firms gave you a horse and buggy to get you to where you are right now.

What if I told you that there's actually a posh Land Rover that could take you across that muddy road?

Once you get your brain coached by me, your life and achieving goals will be so much easier.

You'll never go back to horse and buggy days.

Step into the next evolution of yourself.

I think of myself as the Obi-Wan to your Luke. I'm there to sweep the path in front of you to make it as easy as possible for you to step into the next evolution of yourself.

No matter the path you pursue, you'll get the tools you need to succeed.

After our time together, you'll...

Stop ruminating about work --

No more ruminating on all the work you have to do. You'll focus your brain's energy on the most important actions to achieve your goals.

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee instead of downing it before you leave for the office --

You'll reconnect with yourself and in the process reconnect with what's most important to you: living your life on your terms.

Leave the office when you say you will --

Instead of procrastinating or negotiating with yourself, you'll take action. You'll be able to leave the office when you say you will, so you can hit the gym.

Feel more invigorated at the end of the workday --

You'll feel invigorated instead of exhausted because you'll have a brain focused on the most impactful actions getting you quicker results. That means more energy to have connected quality time with family.

Take a vacation without taking your laptop --

You'll feel at peace because you'll know how to create a boundary and honor it. No more resenting people because you said "yes" to something when you really wanted to say "no."

Over 6 months we'll meet each week to refocus your brain on what it needs most.

You'll get clarity on what you want, then we'll make a game plan to achieve it with ease instead of stress.

Doing that means working on your mindset.

Your brain is used to doing things the hard way: hustle, hustle, hustle.

Mindset work doesn't mean you're not taking action.

It means you're learning to focus your brain on taking the most important actions instead of wasting time on the non-essential.

When you do, you achieve your goals faster and with more ease.

You evolve yourself into the person you want to become.

Self-doubt doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

It means you see possibility.

When lawyers come to me, they often feel a lot of self-doubt.

They've read all the books and listened to all the podcasts, but nothing has changed.

"Shouldn't it be easier?"

"Is there something wrong with them?"

There's nothing wrong with you.

It's the method we've been taught to improve ourselves that's flawed.

When we were kids, we were taught reading the books, listening to the teacher, and regurgitating what we learned would get us the outcome we wanted: an A.

The same pattern repeats itself in law school and when we work for someone else.

There's always someone outside of us telling us what the "right" thing to do is, and that will result in getting a gold star.

Because of this flawed method of education, our brains rely on someone outside of us to give us the answer (a book or a podcast), then we'll get the outcome we want (an A).

This method leaves us searching for outside validation and the "right" way to do something.

We search for the "right" book, podcast, training class that will educate us.

Being educated isn't the same as implementing what you learn.

It's not the same as choosing evolution.

There's a different process for transformation which requires critical thinking, curiosity, and the willingness to be uncomfortable.

This is VERY different from what we're taught in school and in the workplace.

Our brain feels like a fish out of water.

We need to retrain our brain to adapt to this new environment.

You'll apply what you learn, weave it into your every day life, and feel more comfortable in your own skin when we work together.

You'll no longer search for outside validation that you're doing things "right" because you learn how to trust and validate yourself.

Ready to evolve yourself and how you practice the law?

Let's talk.

When lawyers work with me, they don't all start knowing what they want.

Some tell me what they do know is that they're unhappy. They feel a bit lost and don't know where to start.

Part of the work we'll do together is help you get laser-sharp clarity on what you want.

This is fun because you get a safe space to dream BIG and have a cheerleader in your corner who's been where you are.

It's also scary because part of your brain may be afraid that your dreams aren't "practical."

Our brain tells us things aren't "practical" or "realistic" or the "timing isn't right" because it's afraid of failure. But failure only occurs when you give up.

If you're here, you haven't given up.

Overcoming fear of failure is one of the skills you'll learn when we coach together.

Overcoming fear isn't about being "fearless." It's about being scared and doing things anyway. It's about developing courage.

Once you know what you want, we do the work of creating focus and clearing up obstacles between you and what you want.

Those obstacles can be over-commitments, negative thoughts, or boundary issues. We work through all the mental balls-and-chains, so you can have the life you want.

Here are some of the dreams I help my clients develop and make happen:

  • practicing law remotely 3 months of the year in Ireland
  • writing a book
  • boosting revenue by developing self-confidence to charge her worth and eliminating practice areas no longer serving her goals
  • adding a practice area without adding overwhelm
  • building a new business on top of a law practice while maintaining her billables
  • becoming a confident leader and equity partner in her firm
  • finding a new passion and leaving the law

That last one is what I worked on for myself. I've been in the trenches with you doing this same work to achieve my goals.

Feel more powerful, free, and fulfilled.

This work starts during our Strategy Session.

You can book your call with me below.

You can have the life you want. I'll help you go after it one step at a time.

Step one: book a call with me.

Here's what lawyers say about working with me:

client testimonials dina cataldo
client testimonials dina cataldo

Meet Nancy

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In my world, we celebrate successes.

Celebration hardwires success into our nervous systems.

Here are some client wins:

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ I'm already super busy. Do I have time for coaching?

Do you grow the most when you're stagnant or when you're challenged to do things differently?

Evolution requires challenging ourselves to move beyond what we think is possible.

Book a call with me.

✅ I'm afraid I'm not fixable.

You're not alone if you think this.

First, you're not broken, so there's nothing needing "fixing."

You're 100% complete.

What may be "missing" is your understanding of how the brain works and how to use your brain's tendencies for you instead of against you.

That's where I come in.

Book a call with me, and let's go.

✅ I'm afraid I won't follow through on the work.

We only fail when we give up on ourselves. Clearly you haven't given up on yourself because you're here reading this email.

There's a reason you're here. You want something. What is it?

If there was no such thing as failure, would you go after it?

When we don't go after what we want, there's one thing that stops us: our feelings.

We only do or don't do something based on how we think it will make us feel.

What stops us from going after what we want is the feeling we think we'll have if we don't get it.

Failure. Disappointment. Fear of judgment.

When I work with my clients, they learn emotional resilience to help them move through these feelings instead staying in inaction because of them.

They learn what they need to move through their feelings and make clear decisions based on what they truly want.

I had all those same feelings and needed to learn to navigate them as I left the law.

No matter your goal, no matter what you've tried before, I can help you.

✅ I have hearings that pop up out of nowhere. What if I need to reschedule?

As a former prosecutor, I understand that lawyers sometimes get last minute hearings, assignments, etc.

When this happens, we reschedule our session for another time during the week or add it onto the end of your coaching package.

This isn't a problem.

✅ What if my life is a 10 now, but I want to uplevel my life even more? Can you help?


Think about where you are right now. Now imagine that's only a 7.

We can't even imagine what's possible for us until we start doing the work to expand ourselves.

✅ Do you coach men?

Yes! If you're a lawyer, I can help you.

✅ What topics do you coach on?

Anything under the sun. The way we do one thing impacts how we do everything, so it's natural topics other than the law come up too.

Here's some topics that come up when I'm coaching clients:

  • time management/overwhelm
  • business
  • employee/partnership relationships
  • self-confidence/self-doubt
  • people-pleasing/client boundaries
  • building a new practice area
  • hiring/firing decisions
  • leadership
  • hearings/speaking engagement jitters
  • difficult conversations with spouse/family
  • mother/father relationships
  • and so much more

✅ Are conversations confidential?

Of course! While we talk about your thoughts about partners, clients, and cases, we don't name names. Also, I don't share specifics about anything we talk about unless I get explicit permission from you to share. You'll never have to worry about someone "connecting the dots" to figure out who or what I'm talking about.

✅ Is coaching different from therapy?


Therapy is past-focused while coaching is future-focused.

A therapist generally asks about your past and helps you work through unresolved issues impacting your present.

Coaching starts with your present, and it focuses on creating the future you want. We uncover the mindset leading to undesireable outcomes in your life, and we work through those to help you achieve your goals.

I've had clients in both therapy and coaching, and they found them complementary not redundant.

✅ I want to work with you, but shouldn't I be able to figure this out on my own?

This was a big one for me, and I see it with my clients too.

My question to you:

How much longer are you willing to wait to figure it out?

If you haven't figured it out on your own by now, doing more of the same won't help you change.

You've got to challenge how you think.

That's where I come in.

Book a call with me.

✅ I want to work with you, but I'm not sure now is the right time.

The time will never be "right."

There will always be something happening in your life.

Your power is in learning how to go after what you want no matter what you think may be in your way.

That's what's required to evolve.

Begin your evolution now.

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About me

I was working as a criminal prosecutor when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29. When chemo seemed like a vacation compared to the law, I used that diagnosis to evolve my life. Now I help lawyers who may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or find themselves procrastinating on their dreams step into the next evolution of themselves.

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